Children's Sew Together

Our children’s sewing lessons are suitable for all boys and girls from 8 years old* and are interactive sessions. Suitable for all abilities, from absolute beginner to experienced, we focus on making sewing an accessible, safe, enjoyable, and fun experience – with each child getting individual attention to support them as they learn. Sewing is a great skill to have, practical but also helping to improve hand-eye co-ordination, develop motor skills and concentration, plus it is a brilliant way for children to release their creativity. Together they can learn, have fun, and proudly show off their new skills with beautiful handmade items they can keep. 

The course comprises of 7 lessons to enable your child to grow in confidence with their sewing skills and steadily increase their knowledge. 

*Please note children aged 8-12 years old require an adult with them to stay during the lesson.

Month 1 – Cushion cover – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs

Skills learned: Precision cutting, use of sewing machine, sewing straight lines and corners. 

Month 2 – Rolled Pencil Case/Make-up Bag – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs 

Skills learned: Drafting pattern, pattern matching, use of iron-on wadding. 

Month 3 – Fabric Basket – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs 

Skills learned: Inserting a circle, use of bias binding, sewing ¼’’ inch seam. 

Month 4 – Bucket Hat – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs 

Skills learned: Adapting pattern, top stitching, sewing garment inside out and then turning right side out. 

Month 5 – Bottle Bag – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs 

Skills learned: Bag making, use of sew-on wadding. 

Month 6 – Tote Bag – 2x 2hrs or 4hrs 

Skills learned: Adding lining, work with embroidery machine or adding applique or making patchwork. This lesson is very creative, children are given “free-hand” to use all the skills they have learned already, to get creative and make their own bag, using their own measurements and skills. 

Month 7 – Apron – 3x 2hrs or 6hrs 

Skills learned: Working with pattern, adapting pattern to different body shape, fitting garment.